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How it all began...

The Calypso adventure began in 1995 with a trip to Greece, the land of beauty and old tales of Odysseus. Our family arrived for an extended stay where we were accepted and greeted with open arms and hearts from all we met. Along our adventure we explored ancient ruins, heard stories of the gods, and ate foods that had been farmed for 5,000 years. We met women that lived life to the fullest, always quick to offer a meal, raki and advice, it was then that I learned that Greeks possessed a passion for living that I could only aspire to reach.

One of the most memorable encounters was with two women , Nina and Jo, who owned a jewelry shop and a clothing boutique. Each had a love for their wares and an appreciation for each person who purchased from them. It was after this that the dreams and aspirations of opening a small shop of our very own started. A place where ladies could explore fashion that had texture and style woven together, this is when Calypso began.

Finding our home in Boothbay Harbor overlooking the water has been a dream come true. Over the years Calypso has changed buildings, added new ideas and offerings, and even changed names. However, today our goal remains the same by offering beautiful pieces made by amazing designers and artists, into the hands of those who will enjoy them for years to come. Each product line we carry is carefully selected and often have a fabulous background story to themselves as well.


We believe that style is a personal gift and helping ladies discover, explore, and enhance their very own style is our passion. We hope you come visit and find something pretty to go along with you on your adventures! Share your experience or your fabulous finds with us on Facebook, Instagram, or come visit us in person and check out the Harbor.




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